Ktreats Story

 "If you want to lift yourself up, lift someone else up." ~ Booker Washington.


Thank you for shopping Ktreats ~ It really strikes a chord with us! We are a super premium chocolate brand that is inspired by treating others to memorable moments as well as encouraging people to treat others. It is our belief that treating someone should be more than just filling an obligation; it should be about taking a little bit of time to make a big impact in your recipients life that they will truly love and remember for years. Combining our super premium chocolates and daily adventures is the reason why our smaller boutique brand continues to be a leader in the premium chocolate and gifting market. 


Our WHO, Our WHAT, Our WHEN & WHY:

Everyday, people we all know find themselves in either great moments, sad situations, celebrations, or times that may be more difficult and less fortunate. More so, friends and family who would love to hear from you again. Even if it's just a box of chocolates or gourmet treats with a simple note. Treating yourself or another person to something in life is often forgotten about and unfortunately not common enough for Ktreats. Our thought is to proactively create awareness of giving and not just receiving. It is tirelessly promoting positive, influential behaviors and warm gestures for others to cherish, learn from and share. Ktreats knows that sharing emotions and feelings can go further than any product can alone. This mentality ultimately allows our organization to help our customers be better gift givers.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about our company's message and we hope you find a way to treat your heart out.