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In our eyes, your staff is the most important aspect to your company. They deserve to be treated with something they will remember for years. Don't buy cheap products with a company logo, that serves no real practical use -- We don't want your staff to think of your company that way! See our adventures here.

How do our clients leverage Ktreats? 

Networking Events  ~  Executive Retreats  ~  Award Ceremonies

Company Parties  ~  Employee Outings  ~  Team Building 

We give you the perfect way to treat your employees to long lasting memories which help create powerful working relationships. Our team at Ktreats understands that an experiential treat has many advantages both mentally and physically (especially for those sitting at a desk all day). 

 Let's give your team some excitement, motivation and passion with our treat experiences. Ktreats wants your team to form better relationships, establish more trust, be more productive, maintain company morale and even share stories next time they are in office. See some 



Ktreats knows how to make you be more successful - be a better gift giver! Show some serious thought (and ideally effort) into finding the perfect gift to show appreciation. We want you to work smarter so you can get more referrals and new clients from your way of saying thank you!




What’s on your menu? Your customers would love some new offerings! Whether it's a special event, a seasonal promotion, event marketing, or a full time product line, Ktreats will treat your company with fast and easy solutions. 

Keeping fresh and self branded items available is important for any company trying please their valued customers. Our team will work with you to make sure your customers are completely satisfied and consistently coming back for more!  

Our marketing team will ensure that our products will seamlessly fit in with your menu and be that perfect compliment your looking for. Customizing your treats to match your brand will help your company increase brand awareness and customer loyalty. So find out how our team can help yours, the Ktreats Retailer Program is great way to drive extra revenue, and we do all the work for you! We're excited to see you build and grow your customer base for many years to come. Everyone loves handcrafted gourmet treats & chocolates!


For more information, please contact Mark at where we can discuss the options available in more detail. We look forward to being a part of your success!